Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  • allows the filer to eliminate primarily unsecured debt (credit card debt), medical bills and deficiency on repossessed automobiles.
  • can only be filed if the person or couple has income below what is called the “means test” and has assets that are exempt from creditors under Illinois Law.
  • after filing, will cease all collection efforts and lawsuits by creditors. Phone calls or any other contact with creditors will be handled by your bankruptcy attorney.

​It is possible under certain circumstances to file a Chapter 7 if a person or couple’s income is over the means test. In this case consulting with a qualified and experienced Bankruptcy attorney is imperative.

Sometimes a Chapter is not possible or not advisable.

  • seniors who do not own real estate and whose sole source of income is pension and/or social security may wish to consult with our office to arrange possible debt forgiveness or settlement.
  • persons who are the victims of identity theft should call out office to find out alternative approaches to debt relief if possible.

Robert has practiced bankruptcy for 20 years and carefully analyzes each case before filing. Larger bankruptcy firms treat each case as a number and may take months if not longer to file your case. Robert is the only attorney who will handle your case from start to finish and returns phone calls in a prompt and professional manner.

Get a Fresh Start

Our founding fathers established the right to obtain a fresh start.  As our economic status has dramatically changed in the past ten years, more families have needed the assistance provided by a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  

It not only provides financial relief but emotional release. Stop feeling overwhelmed by your financial situation and call our office today (630) 325 -3711 for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Consultation.   

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Law Office of Robert J. Chio

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

*Notice: We are a debt relief agency.We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Most people fear the word "Bankruptcy". They fear one or more of the following:

  • "I won't be able to rebuild my credit for 7 - 10 years if I file bankruptcy."
  • This is not the case, the majority of clients will receive credit card offers to help
    re-establish good 
    creditor ratings a few months after the Bankruptcy is fully

  • "It will take me months to declare Bankruptcy and I will still have to deal with 
    all those creditor calls."
  • Some bankruptcy firms are like "factories" they have so much volume business 
    that your case falls in line.  It may cost you more and take over 6 six months for 
    your case to be filed.  
  • At the Law Office of Robert J. Chio we have an average of a 2 to 3 months filing 
    window.  The time is determined by how fast you supply the information need to complete the case filing.

What people fail to recognize is that the ability to have a FRESH START by declaring  Bankruptcy was 
a process enabled by the Federal Government.  The Bankruptcy code makes it possible for people to 
get out from under overwhelming dept either by reorganizing or eliminating debt.  

Each individual has separate financial issues. Here at the Law Office of Robert J. Chio, we 
take a deep look at your income and debt to help you determine the best method of relieving 
the burden of debt.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the most common type of Bankruptcy.  A Chapter 7 allows you to 
eliminate a unsecured debt, medical bills, deficiency on repossessed automobiles and more. 

Creditor Settlement is another alternative method of relieving your debt.   If Bankruptcy is 
not the method you prefer to use, having Robert Chio negotiate settlements amounts between 
30 -75 %* less than your current balance is quick and manageable alternative.  Please note that creditor settements may result in a 1099 IRS being issued for  the amount of the written off balance. Consult your tax representative regarding any possible tax conseqences. Unlike dept consolidation companies our firm is able to quickly and effectively negotiate with creditors and reduce your balances.  (Call our office today (630) 325 -3711 to find out how we can help).

*Settlement amounts are not guaranteed.