Robert J. Chio is an experienced real estate attorney. 

Robert has several years experience in buying and selling residential and commercial real estate. The purchase or sale of a home of commercial property can be a complicated process.

In the purchase of real estate, Robert advises the client regarding inspection issues, on obtaining a mortgage commitment, survey issues and review of the Title Insurance Policy to make sure the property being purchased is free of liens and prior mortgages. Robert also advises the client on County Property Tax issues and Transfer Tax. In the sale of real estate, he handles the requirements for water certification, termite inspection, and the ordering of the Survey and Title Insurance. 

Robert advises prospective sellers how to handle issues that may have arisen during the buyer's inspection. He prepares the Deed and the Bill of Sale to cover the sale of personal property such as appliances to the buyer. The propration of Property Taxes is also a function of the attorney for the Seller.  In the event the prpperty to be sold is a Townhouse or Condominium. He works with the Association to obtain a Paid Assessment Letter and a Waiver of the Right of First Refusal. 

In the event the property to be purchased or sold is in foreclosure, Robert has experience in Foreclosure Law and processes to counsel the client. He can advise clients when it might be advisable to pursue a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, Short Sale or Bankruptcy to resolve a Foreclosure Issue. In the event the client cannot save their residence, Robert advises clients regarding their rights to possession of the residence up to and after the Sheriff Sale. Retaiining a Professional to handle Real Estate Issues is the best way to avoid costly and complicated problems in the future. 

Real Estate

The Law Office of Robert J. Chio has over 20 years of experience in the practice of residential real estate closings. 

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